Thursday, August 06, 2009

NHC Institute '09:Quick note on classes,before class

Sorry, dreadful keyboard on college library computer aggravating my wrists. Will need to abbreviate, etc.

My classes, Hillel-style (standing on 1 ft.)

  • The Ever-Renewing Literal Sense: Alternatives in the Literal Interpretation of Scripture. Devorah Schoenfeld is leading us in a discussion of how various internal and external factors influence what we may think of as a literature interpretation of Tanach/Bible. Language, context, historical background, Jewish tradition, &/or what makes sense may influence a person's opinion. For example, when we read the text "an eye for an eye," do we assume that a person who blinds someone else will be subject to being blinded? Our common sense, along with tradition, both tell us "no," but, if we clear ourselves of preconceptions and consider the Ancient Near East (ANE), we might conclude that the literal sense may, indeed, have been that a person who blinded someone else was subject to being blinded.

My apologies to the poor souls who've gotten stuck with me as a chavrutah (study partner), thus far. Both Tuesday's & yesterday's chavrutah were far more learned than I, & I can only hope that I didn't bore them to tears.

  • Shabbat for the Land: Shmittah in the 21st Century. Ben Dreyfus is leading us on a tour of the texts & practices--and current work-arounds and their attendance controversies--of the Sabbatical Year. Today, we'll be learning about Otzar Beit Din (click here & keep scrolling--you'll get to the explanation, eventually).

For further information concerning the classes and teachers, see the NHC website.

Speaking of class, I'm going to be late. L'hitraot--see you later.


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